Bronte, 20, Leicester, England.

Part-time uni student, part-time sales assistant and full time happiness spreader.

Reasons to be Happy


“The most important thing is to enjoy life; to be happy. It’s all that matters.” – Audrey Hepburn

Okay, so you may have not got that job you wanted. Maybe you didn’t get the grade you worked so hard for. You could have just broken up with your partner, I bet that hurt. You might have just fallen out with the one person you held closest to you. A million bad things could happen but I’m here to…

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Pulp Fiction (1994)

"Pulp Fiction"

Pulp Fiction.

Random and Irrelevant Film Trivia

Ever wanted to know some weird facts about films that no one will ever ask you about? Yeah, totally, me too. 

  • In the Godfather, there are approximately 61 scenes in the film that feature people eating, drinking, or just food. 
  • The Departed is the movie with the most uses of the word “fuck” and its derivatives (237) to win the Best Picture Oscar.
  • The large poster in Harold and Kumar’s…

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Three Tips for Self Discovery


I was a wandering across the internet and I came across this little philosophical gem. Tetraphramakos, known as the ‘four part cure’, is an idea by Greek philosopher Epricus. It’s is essentially the philosophy of living the happiest possible life.

Life can be super hard sometimes, and seem overwhelming – but there is always an answer or a solution.

This is simple to read but hard to live. Think…

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Jean-Jacques Rousseau

“People are born free but are everywhere in chains.”

The quote above is from Genevan philosopher, Jean-Jacques Rousseau. He’s an important philosopher for two reasons; firstly as he was the writer of The Social Contract and secondly, he was considered the founder of romanticism. Essentially Rousseau was anti-establishment and thought society would cause nothing but a negative effect upon a…

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this film is the mad nooch


this film is the mad nooch

Five Films You HAVE To Watch

So You Want To Soothe Your Soul?

So You Want To Soothe Your Soul?

Here is the way…

John Mayer


the man who soothes the soul with his beautiful voice and brilliant guitar skills

Let me introduce you to a man who will take away your troubles in just four minutes of music.

(if you wanna skip the facts and just hear some really awesome music, scroll to the bottom of the post)


FULL NAME: John Clayton Mayer

DATE OF BIRTH: October 17,…

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Inspirational Quotes To Get You Through The Day

Inspirational Quotes To Get You Through The Day

Life is hard, there is no denying that.

Sometimes you just want to call in sick to work and spend the day in bed. Sometimes you want to give up university and work in an easy job instead. Sometimes, just sometimes, you want to get in a car, get on a train or get in a plane and start a new life somewhere is in the hope that it will be that little bit better.

 Well, my dear readers, I’m hear to…

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Feminism - it’s become a joke

Feminism – it’s become a joke

That’s right, I said it. I think the majority of feminists in the western world are stupid. Why? Let me tell you.

Let’s start with your modern day “common feminist“. These are the kind of women that will say ‘I refuse to be objectified’, and then will wear low cut tops and push-up bras. That’s like saying I believe in natural beauty then covering myself in make-up every day. I think that…

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